Cold Star

Verstörend und großartig
Lilo Wanders
“Phantastisch.Hammergeil! Ich bin platt. Du bist echt groß. Dieter Rita Scholl ist einmalig!”
Romy Campe, Berlin
“Wundervoll! Eine Ode an die Toleranz und die Akzeptanz…und Du bist mal wieder wuuuunderschön!”
Magy da Silva, Berlin
“Geil, gefällt mir sehr, sehr gute Kamera- schöne Story-sexy Typen und Girls. Du siehst klasse aus..der ganze Clip sehr sehr gut, Glückwunsch!”
Boris Steinberg, Berlin
“…ist ja echt cool, so sieht es wohl aus, wenn alle ihre Wahrheit leben. Danke fürs Teilen!”
Sheila Deutinger, Berlin
“da hat die große Freiheit gebadet und dann war das Wasser geheiligt” ?
“Schöne Arbeit, erinnert an den Reigen von Schnitzler!”     Ria Den Breejen, Berlin
“Lovely! Das Video ist wirklich sehr chic und Du bist eine Göttin. Merci dafür”   
Ursli Pfister, Berlin
“…genial…geiler Song…geiles Video…etwas Süsskind, etwas Mylene Farmer…und Du…hast eine Ausstrahlung! Unglaublich!”   Frank Schönberg, Berlin
“Wider aller Konventionen…zum Weinen schön…Dirk Gäde
“Ganz großes Kino
“  noseferry

“Bin sowas von beeindruckt! A peace of art! Ganz großer Respekt. Wieso werden solche Perlen nicht zur Teddy-Kurzfilmrolle auf die Berlinale eingeschickt? Alljährlich muß man dort so viel Schrott  ertragen!”   ?

“Wie Zuckerwatte auf der Zunge”   Florian Brennstoff
“Irrer Kurzfilm. Hat mich sehr berührt” 
Christian Rudolph

Magical Drag Queen turns YMCA-Pool into Aquatic Orgy” (
“Love it! Fantastic!”  Michael Michalsky
“Drag Queen risks fabulous Outfit to Unleash Sexual Revolution” (
“It’s like a drug dream”(chaallus)
Best German Short Film!?”    ?
“Stunning! Thank you for one of the most creative videos I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. Absolutely Fabulous!”    ?
“It’s amazing what one bold elder can instigate”   ?
“If they continued it, it would be the greatest porn movie of all times, I am straight, but I have to admit, that the film is hot!”   (kxs14)”
“Exactly what I thought about the slap. There is no need for labels, love is all that matters!” (Ravediel)
“A triumph!”  Nicholas Sea
Amazing short movie, the old guy is unbelievable, looks like Helmut Berger playing Vanessa Redgrave, Bravissimo!” Fabio Chirulli
“Amazing, powerful, moving Video. So many emotions conveyed without a spoken word just an expression. Well done”  (crash4u101)
“Crazy as hell.I loved it!” (wzzmp809)
This “COLD STAR” gets an “GOLD STAR?”   ?
It is creepy how much the drag queen looks like Vanessa Redgrave, even without the wig”    ?

“Just fell in love with your video and I already watched it several times today…the mix of music and images makes it really fascinating. The casting is fantastic and I’m pretty sure I’ve already seen Dieter Rita Scholl in another movie/shortfilm/clip but I can’t remember where or when. I love the smug look he gives to the boy at the beginning and he’s incredible in drag. Hope to see more stuff from you soon”   Yann Duminil

“Fascinating, Really fantastic, compelling and a little frightened and very moving and intensly erotic and somewehre strange but ultimately redeeming and powerful! Congratulations!”
Steve Mc Kelvey

“Still loving it…I’ve watched this video
12 times..since yesterday..I’m in love!”
Victor V. Solano

“Worldclass Drag Queen!”  Bérénice Prendiville

“Believe me or not this is one of the best acting performance I’ve ever seen, you have this incredible touch that give deep emotions and let discover more about himself. I cannot stop to watch this movie, again and again. Grazie!”
Fabio Chirulli

“..mmmhhh that was kind of hot! Now I need therapy!” 

“but I found the old guy a little creepy, he just gave me a creepy feeling, but otherwise epic”   ?

the best shortfilm in centuries” Andy Bailey

“Spectacular! I’m a fan!”  Duncan Mc Cabe

“This i an absolutely perfectly conceived, constructed + executed shortfilm. It works on a dozen different levels and I am glad you had the talent, insight and courage to make it.”   Gray Young

“I love how your film encompasses the entire glbt community instead of just gays or just lesbians like most others. Even cooler that you have a transgender person as catalyst”   Catharine Wethered

“I am straight and soooooo grateful for the color, diversity, beauty and love that the gay community have added to my life. Gays rock! Be here forever!”  Mykerocks

“big congrats!”  Monika Treut

“Wonderful performance”  Ana Grillo, San Francisco

“I hope our paths will cross again one day, perhaps in Berlin! Until then, keep shining

 that bright light of yours! You are fabulous!”     Ama Grillo, San Francisco

“Ein kleines Meisterwerk”…Jovan Evermann

“That was weird…now I wanna see other works
of this director!”   Mr.Mangust

“Dionysius!”  rankore

“A kind of mix between “Cocoon” and “The Perfume”,
gracias, it’s perfect”   yagomad

“Great Video…so errocctive and prismatic,
thank you”    Battra

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